Lady Fyre - You Need My Guidance Sissy

Added: 17-12-2015
Lady Fyre - You Need My Guidance Sissy

Youll never measure up, sissy. You try so very hard, but youll always fall short. You think that youre doing such a good job. You think that all of your efforts, the makeup, the panties, the pantyhose, the color choices, learning how to walk in heels, you think all that makes a difference. But in the end, youre still just pretending. I know youd like to think that some day youll get there. That some day youll be more like a woman. That youll magically transform. But thats just not going to happen sissy. Youll never truly know what its like to be a woman.
You were born a man, youll never know of what its like to be a woman. Youll never know the femininity of a woman, youll never know the power of being a woman. Its a curse, isnt it sissy? You want to be feminine, you want to be pretty, but you dont know the true power of a woman. Youll never have that. And all of those flaws that you can get away with as a man, you cant get away with as a woman, sissy. Not if you truly want to be a beautiful woman. You must be flawless and youve never faced the challenges of truly being a woman.
And thats why you Need a woman sissy. If you ever want to truly be feminine, you need guidance. You are nothing without the guidance of a truly lady, sissy. I can guide you. You need me. You are hopeless without me. Feel it, acknowledge it. Understand that you will never be me. And when you do, you will beg me, beg me for my guidance.
And with my guidance, you might be able to achieve some level of femininity. With proper training you can become less manly. Because as lady like as you might think you are, youre not passing. Youre not fooling anyone. Not hardly, sissy. I know of your struggles, that manly shape trying to fit into girly clothing. But you can keep trying, keep hoping, because you like it, you need it, you crave it. But know that youll always need my guidance. You need a superior woman to help you. Without me, you are nothing sissy.

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