Dangerous Temptation - Amnesia Brainwash

Added: 09-11-2018

Michael, look what I found in your wallet. A photo of your ex-wife.
Your wife took your car. Your wife took your house. Your wife tried to take your paycheck. I had to go to court and use my nylon feet to get your paycheck back.
But you still have feelings for her. That is wrong. We need to erase all memory of her from your mind.
Look into my eyes. I am going to you. Under , I will bring you to the edge and keep you on the edge. When you are desperate to cum, you are vulnerable. You are open to my powers of suggestion. I will reach deep into your mind and soul and get rid of her.
(From here, proceed to put me under. Use drugs, nylons, lips, tongue, sexy voice (and every now and again some words in French), and above all your sexy legs and feet to bring to the brink of cumming, and, at the edge, order me to repeat over and over such mantras as “Before Goddess Celine, I had no life; I had no wife”, “I love Goddess Celine, I have always loved with Goddess Celine, I have never loved anyone but Goddess Celine” “I love Celine’s feet, I have never loved any feet but Celine’s feet. “I love Celine’s nylons, I have never loved any nylons but Celine’s nylons. “I love Celine’s kisses; I have never loved any kisses but Celine’s kisses.” “I love Celine’s blowjobs, I have never loved any blowjobs but Celine’s blowjobs.” “I love Celine’s footjobs, I have never loved any footjobs but Celine’s footjobs.” And so on.)
(Lots of LONG, CLOSE UP shots of your legs; LONG, CLOSE UP shots of your nylon feet on my cock, LONG, CLOSE UP shots of your eyes and tongue and of my cock in your mouth, LONG, CLOSE UP shots of my cock sliding in and out of the top hem of your nylons, LONG, CLOSE UP shots of my cock inside your nylons with your feet, and so forth)
(when you bring me out of, you say)
Michael, you are still hard and so ready to cum. But first look at this photo. Do you recognize this person? No? Would you ever leave Goddess Celine for her? Of course not, you do not know her.
Let’s get rid of this photo, Michael. I will give you a countdown. When I say one, cum on the photo. (Go through the countdown and at the one mark, show cum shooting on the photo and completely soaking and ruining it).
So Michael, say it one last time. I love Goddess Celine. I have always loved Goddess Celine. I have never loved anyone but Goddess Celine.

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