PORTIA - Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream & Sucks Your Life Away

Added: 24-12-2015

Accept your fate as the latest spell-bound victim of the Vampire Queen. No man can resist her beguiling voice and intoxicating magic. Inhale her special incense on command and fall deeper down into an erotic trance, stroking your dick in tribute to her beauty as your free will melts away beneath her seductive words. Breathe, stroke & worship while your mind sinks into a dark sexual dream, reality falling apart as her true from and terrible nature is revealed. Her spell is overwhelming. You will yearn to receive her vampire kiss - to pump and squirt your life essence inside her, to feed your queen with the ultimate gift. So deep is the trance, how can you be sure that she isn't already sucking the life out of you as you drift through a euphoric dream symbolic of your demise? You will cum and fill your Queen with every last drop of life. And then sleep. The final sleep... never to awaken.

File Name : PORTIA - Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream & Sucks Your Life Away
Format : MPEG-4
File Size : 924 MB
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Duration : 00:14:09




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