Your Addiction Will End In Bankruptcy And That Turns You On

Added: 06-01-2019

We both know that you're really sick. Nothing excites you more than giving your money to me. I love blowing your cash. And because of this you can't live a normal life. And as much as you may try sometimes, you can never return to a normal life once you've become addicted to findom. Financial domination will always be in your brain. Nothing excites you more. Greedy bratty girls like me who treat you like the wallet that you really are, excites you more than anything. You are just a wallet, a pay pig. Just hearing me calling you a pay pig makes your cock throb. Just knowing that you need to pay all of my expenses for nothing in return, gives you a rush like nothing else. My greed turns you on. You love knowing that I'm going to take every dime that you earn. In fact, you can't wait to give it to me while you jerk yourself stupid. I know your cock is so hard right now just thinking about it. You will serve me the only way you can, with your wallet. You will try and earn more money just so you can pay me more. Because you know the more you pay the harder your cock. The thought of emptying your entire account makes your cock twitch. And I'll allow you to stroke yourself while you click on that tribute button. Twitch twitch piggy. This will end in bankruptcy and even that turns you on. You're so fucked, so stuck in this pay piggy cycle. Wallets like you were created to serve me.

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