Princess Ashley - Loser Reality Check, The Truth From A Hot Brat

Added: 28-12-2015
Princess Ashley - Loser Reality Check, The Truth From A Hot Brat

You've been telling yourself your whole life that you just have bad luck with girls. Things just don't work out with you. You don't go on dates and you certainly don't get laid. Poor loser, you just have bad luck, right? Um Wrong! LOL, are you fucking kidding me? It has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the fact that you're a fucking loser and losers don't get girls. You're not unlucky, lol. You're a fucking loser and that's why you never have sex. It has nothing to do with luck.
So just accept it, you're a pathetic horny little freak and girls don't like you because they all know what a fucking loser you are. So stop blaming it on bad luck. It's not about luck, it's about you loser, and how disgusting you are. You can't change your 'luck' or your loser ways. You're always going to be home alone, jerking off your loser dick, behind your fucking computer screen. This is your life, there's no changing it.
This is your fate, your destiny. You're not a stud or an alpha male, you're just a jerking freak, a horny reject. So stop lying to yourself and everyone else. Stop saying it's bad luck and tell people the truth, that you're a loser and that's why you're alone and you can't get a date or get laid. Say, 'I don't get girls because I am a loser.' Stop blaming it on luck, loser.
Just be honest, you're a little jerking loser and you're going to spend your whole life in front of your computer screen, fucking your loser hand to my clips. A loser like you will never have a girl like me. Buying my clips and jerking off to them is the closest you'll ever get to a hot girl like me. Paying for my insults is the best you can hope to get. LOL. You fucking idiot.
You should be so happy I'm even spending my precious time telling you the truth so you can jerkoff to it, lol! I give you the clips that you need to realize what a loser you really are. You need this. I get you off the way no one else can. Keep jerking it for me, fall deeper into my trap. Tell me what an absolute loser you are while you jerk off to me. Admit it loser. You need the truth from a hot brat like me. Just listen to me, don't even try to think for yourself.

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