Goddess Christina - Save A Load Swallow A Load

Added: 11-01-2019

Custom. Name used. Request: I cannot eat my load after I cum. You want to train me to do it. Assume I have a shot glass with a load of my cum saved up from last time. Make me jerk and edge while teasing me with your body, especially with your ass. Make me repeat things you want me to say. Feel free to improvise. While I jerk, ask me if I already organized some pairs of used dirty womens high-heels and order me to do so if not. Describe a bit how you will make me lick them clean in one of our next sessions – maybe you make me do other humiliating things like drinking my piss. But first you train me to eat my cum. So at the end, I have to cum on your command after a countdown. Some moments before i am allowed to cum, I have to eat, taste and swallow my saved load and then cum into the same shotglass, saving it for the next time. I can not eat my load after cumming because it is disgusting, but I feel obedient enough to save the load, to feel that humiliation again shortly before I cum next time. Ask me if it got better this time and if I’m able to eat the fresh load too. If not, it’s also ok for you if I save it and do it next time. Please wear black lingerie.

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