Goddess Madam Violet - The Demise Of Your Dick

Added: 20-01-2019

I’m not talking about inducing erectile dysfunction; I’m talking about complete penile destruction. I’m talking dead dick. You are here because you’re not messing around, you want results. You want Me to kill your cock. It will be a process, a journey. Today W/we take the first step.

Firstly I will prep your mind for surgery and with a SNAP of My finger I will flip that SLAVE SWITCH in your head. Instantly you enter an altered state of mind body and soul. SLAVE STATE. Now listen as I talk about My plans to annihilate your cock…yes of course it will make your cock SO HARD.

It will for a while. STROKE. Eventually even when I talk in great juicy detail about destroying that disgusting penis it will remain in limp and flaccid. Oh you r mind will be so HARD and HORNY but your cock will not receive the message, there will NEVER be any outlet for you…unless maybe I instil one trigger. Only one way for you to get hard, ever again…

Getting ahead of Myself, for now lets make a solemn promise to not stop until I have killed your dick dead. For now, CUM and remember every it’s your last…

Contains: femdom pov, mesmerise, NLP, mind control, mental domination, cock control, mental programming, mindfuck, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, tit worship, goddess worship, arrogant woman, men following orders, cum countdown,

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