Natashas Bedroom - No Mercy: Ruin Your Balls And Your Orgasm

Added: 22-01-2019

Ready for another torture session? This perfectly paced clip is designed to push you further and further outside your ballbusting limits. We'll start out slow, with some easy ball torturing tasks, as I tease you into an otherworldly state of arousal. The more turned on you get, the more you're willing to do for me, isn't that right?
The more you edge and stroke for me, the more desperate you become for that sweet release. I'm going to take full advantage of your horny, compromised state, using it against you and your "family jewels." You'll be punching, stretching, restraining, and ruining...but don't think about that now, just stare at my beautiful body and feel your desire render you helpless.
You'll be so turned on by the end that you'd do anything to come for me. But I'm going to fuck up your orgasm, too. Spill one drop of jizz, and you'll have to start all over. Ruined balls and a ruined orgasm: what could be more painful? Or more exciting?

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