Ashley Alban - Your Girlfriend Wears The Pants

Added: 26-01-2019

You arrive home after working out with your girlfriend. She talks about what a great workout she had. She has never lifted that much before. She flexes, showing off her arms, and says that she has never felt so good. She says she feels bad for you though. It must be embarrassing to have a girlfriend that can lift more than you. She said she felt especially bad for you when you tried to squat right after her but you could barely make the bar budge. Other girls at the gym saw and were definitely laughing at you. You feel emasculated and argue that its not true. You are stronger that your girlfriend and challenge her to arm wrestle. She just laughs and agrees. When you start to arm wrestle, you cant believe how strong she is. Its like you feel weaker and weaker as you realize how strong she is. You try using two hands to beat her. She laughs and says she has been holding back. She asks if you are ready to lose and then easily beats you.
She says she feels bad that youre so wimpy and weak now. But, she says, do you know whats really weird? Ever since she has become stronger and stronger than you, your dick has shrunk smaller and smaller. And whats even weirder is that now your girlfriend has a penis and it is massive! She pulls down her leggings to prove it to you. Her dick is huge and shes kind of hard. She apologizes. Beating you at arm wrestling turned her on. Now that you are the weak one in the relationship, the sissy girl, maybe your girlfriend should take on the role of the man. And since she is horny, she tells you that she wants to fuck you now.
You try to resist, but she wrestles you down to the floor. She takes her massive cock and starts to slide it into your asshole. It hurts but she comforts you and goes slowly. She tells you that you will have to get used to getting fucked in the ass since being so powerful is making her horny all the time. She flexes as she fucks you. She tells you that she will have to fuck you harder now because she is close to cumming. Your girlfriend pounds your ass and fills you up with cum. She tells you that this is just how the relationship will have to be from now on.

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