HumiliationPOV - Shiny Ass Manipulation

Added: 28-02-2019

Look at my shiny ass. Let it captivate and mesmerize you. Allow it to take over your mind. My ass will make you drop to your knees. Jerk for my ass as you lust for it. Watch as it sways back and forth, just out of reach. My ass makes your cock throb. I know it does. You worship it. My shiny ass makes you so stupid.
You feel the need to worship it. You are unable to stop stroking to it. You’re my little ass addict. I have you right where I want you. A real man would want to bend me over and fuck me, but not you. You’re just a pathetic ass worshiping loser. Your only thought is to pump for it.
You want to prove how pathetic you are for my ass by sniffing it. You want to bury your nose deep in my crack. You want your nose pressed against my asshole, taking it all in. You crave to lick it because you’re an ass addict.
But you’re not even man enough to get near enough to my ass to sniff it. You’re just a little beta hand humper for my ass. You couldn’t handle sniffing my ass. So just pump away like the pathetic little ass worshipper that you are. This is your place, beneath my ass. You’re nothing but a little loser. This is right where you belong. So pump for my shiny ass.
I’m going to let you cum for my ass. I want you to cum on your knees, beneath my ass where you belong, so you will know that my ass owns you.

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