Worshipjasmine - Welcome To England

Added: 03-03-2019

We're Americans and my wife thinks we're going to England for vacation. Thinking she is taking a pill for the flight I switched the pill to knock her out. She comes to, to find herself staring up at you sitting above her wearing a toe ring and flat sandals or bare feet wiggling in her face. She tries to get up but you push a button shocking her forcing her to collapse at your feet. You explain the situation, that I sold the house that we owned, sold all our possessions and closed all our accounts and retirement funds and gave you all the money. We're now both your foot slaves for the rest of our lives. No one knows we're in England and you destroyed our passports. You point out that your toe ring is my wife's wedding ring, to be a constant reminder her failure as a wife and woman. She'll never walk upright again, only crawling on the ground behind you. Tell her to take a look at the face and feet that now own her. Point at your feet and tell her to kiss each toe. You tell her as an inferior American woman not only does she have to worship your feet, but all your superior British girlfriends feet. She is now your sexless foot slave forever, instantly obeying your every command. She is not allowed to look up, only at your feet and toe ring. She'll be your footrest. She can only speak when you tell her to, which won't be often. Your girlfriends can't wait to meet her, and humiliate the stupid woman groveling at your feet.

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