Worshipjasmine - Stuck In A Pay Stroke Cycle

Added: 03-03-2019

When is it ever going to end? This vicious pay stroke cycle you are deep within? The answer is NEVER. Why, because you don't want it to and because you are far too weak and captivated by me to ever resist. The mere thought of paying me excites you. You just love to pay me repeatedly. Because of this, I love to take advantage of your fetish. Each time you pay you feel that rush take over your body and then ache for that feeling once more. With one glimpse of my hot, tight body you instantly reach for your groin area. You are just a robot now, no thinking, it's just an immediate reaction. You know you are a loser and a loser is taxed at every touch.

You can only touch if you pay, right. Yes, with every single stroke of the lowly cock you pay and you pay hard. Stroke Tax, Cum Tax, Loser Tax, you name it, you will be paying it. Why, because I said so. You don't deserve to orgasm like the regular guy, you don't even deserve to feel down there without opening your wallet and sending me ca$h. So that's exactly what you are going to do today, your going to stare at perfection and your gonna pay. Try say no, you wont get very far. You want to stroke then hand over that ca$h. After all, I own not only your wallet but your cock

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