HumiliationPOV - Braindead P-0-p-p-3-r-z Stroke Zombie

Added: 06-03-2019

Hey dumbfuck, are you ready to get even dumber for me today? Braindead? A little stroke zombie. Yes, I see it in your eyes, you want to sniff p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. You can’t wait to get all fucked up for me. I know how your brain works, you want to be a braindead loser, stroking and snorting for Goddess. How bad do you want it? I know you’re hard already and aching to sniff. You want to snort and stroke and snort and stroke.
Little loser bitches like you love being braindead. Tunnel vision on me, stroking your cock to me. You fucking love it when I take away your ability to think. I fucking love you when you’re stupid, open to suggestions, helpless against them. When I have you high and horny like that I could have you sign over everything to me and it would be fucking easy.
Shake up your bottle and get ready to submit. You want it, don’t you? Snort it up my little slave, right to the brain. But that’s not enough, sniff again. Your brain is starting to tingle and your body starts to feel so good. P.0.p.p.3.r.z.. make you so fucking horny. Start stroking. Your cock needs it so bad, it gets so sensitive when you snort those p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. Straight to the brain, straight to the cock. You can’t resist me.
It feels so fucking good! Pump, pump, pump as you focus on me and my body and my words. Your brain is turning to mush. You don’t need your brain. I will do all of the thinking for you. Snort again loser. Get fucked up. Take another snort and stare at my hot body. You’re so fucking stupid. My body makes you just as brainless as those p.0.p.p.3.r.z..
Look how gorgeous I am, I know you can’t look away. You’re completely mesmerized by me. Let your brain go and stroke to me. Mindless pumping slave. Pump your cock for your Princess, let go of everything else. You’re lost now, so high and horny. Give me your cum, give me your brain, give me your money, give me your free will. Now you’re high and all used up, floating on a perfect cloud of euphoria.
– Princess Kendi Olsen –

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