ClubStiletto - Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine - You’ll Be Licking Sweat all Weekend

Added: 12-03-2019

Special is any day that Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine get together. The scene opens with them on the bed sharing some nasty fart stories. “I’ve just had some really good Caribbean food” Jasmine says as the camera swings to her gorgeous ass and she spreads her butt cheeks implying a fart could happen at any time. Now they notice you and start by commenting on how small your cock is. Jasmine tells you to stick your nose between her ass crack by her sweaty thong but then Bellatrix realizes she has to fart so she gets on her knees and blows one right in your face. You get a great view of her sexy garment as well that barely covers her pussy while leaving her ass crack fully exposed. Now both Ladies are on all fours waving their fine asses in your face. Bellatrix rolls on her side and spreads her cheeks wide talking about what a hot summer it has been and how she is just sweating all the time.
Bellatrix asks Jasmine if she can still smell her fart and she can, waving her hand to clear the air. Now Jasmine has her armpits up and orders they be licked. Speaking of sweat, their feet are hot and damp in their boots, so they take them off so you can lick their feet as well. The Ladies really move around in this scene, exposing their asses, their armpits and feet and keeping you busy licking everywhere. Jasmine mentions how so many of her slaves love her scent so it motivates her not to shower. What a thrill for a slave being in this position and being allowed to lick them all over, that taste could be on your breath all day. In their discussion they talk about pedicures and other treatments on their feet including having the dry skin scrapped off. “We’ll feed that to this loser too” Jasmine says. “We’ll make him eat all the shavings of our corns” Bellatrix suggests. They decide they will fill a few plastic bags at their next pedicure with the skin, toe nail clippings, and anything else that comes from their body. Jasmine then proceeds to tell a rather interesting story about what she feeds her slaves. Wow! Then they remember you are in the room and they wiggle their toes in your face. “We really do spoil this guy don’t we” Bellatrix says!

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