Young Goddess Kim - Caged pet play

Added: 17-03-2019

“The clip begins with me looking out from a cage. I’m naked, collar around my neck, and in chastity of course. You enter the room dangling the leash from Your hand. “Hello d*g” You say smiling. You’re amused as you look down at me, You then place one of Your heels through the cage and tell me to lick. As I’m licking them You tell me to “bark, bark if you want out of the cage,” You laugh at me as I bark while Your heel is in my mouth. When You’re satisfied You unlock and open the door to the cage, fasten the leash to my collar and tell me to crawl out. You then tell me to get on my knees and “beg like a d*g,” as I do You look at me with absolute control, my humiliation means nothing to you.
You order me back to my hands and knees and tell me to crawl behind You kissing Your ass with each step as You walk me into Your bedroom. Once there You suddenly snap Your fingers and point to the bed, without any hesitation I lay down on it knowing what’s to come. You lower Your ass to my face and tell me to “kiss it, sniff it,” as I do You begin to tease my chastity cage, I begin to moan and beg for release … “be quiet or it’s back to the cage” You snap, then the full weight of you comes down on me as You continue to tease my cage without mercy. Each time You release Your weight I’m ordered to continue kissing Your ass and thank You for being Your pet.”
Custom Clip Feedback: “Floored, and even more addicted is how I feel. You, and You alone know what makes me tick, you’re able to bring these customs to life in such detail and use words and phrases that I didn’t even mention… As usual, You deliver a clip that rocks my very world!”

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Duration: 00:15:48
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