HumiliationPOV - Luna Sapphire - I’m Going To Ruin You And I Don’t Give A Fuck

Added: 17-03-2019

Hey there freak, I just want to remind you exactly where you stand with me. You are nothing to me. Your existence is meaningless. You truly are pathetic. And I think it’s so funny that losers like you worship me. But your only purpose to me is to drain your bank account, degrading you and turning you into my fully controlled human atm.
I’m going to take complete control over your life. And it’s going to be so easy because you’re so weak for hot bratty girls like me. I’m going to teach you to become completely obedient to me while you empty out your wallet. You’re going to be molded into my little cash slut. It’s going to be so degrading knowing that I’m just using you for your money and then I’m going to toss you aside when you’re broke.
You’ll do anything for your bratty princess because you’re weak for me. I want you to jerk your cock knowing that all you’ll ever be to be is a perverted wallet. You’re going to alone and broke forever because of your addiction to me. And that’s what you deserve.
Do you understand how pathetic you are? I mean you’ll never even get to meet me in person yet you can’t stop obsessing over me. You can’t stop paying me. It makes your cock so hard. You live to be a throbbing, twitching fucked over pay piggy. All you do is jerk your cock as I verbally and financially destroy you. You’re so trapped, so fucked.
You love hearing me tell you how useless you are because you know it’s true. That’s why it hurts so bad and that’s why it makes your cock so hard. You know that you’re a loser. Your entire life is going to be jerking and paying and then doing it over and over again. You’re going to be my little worker drone. You go to work just so you can pay me money. You know it’s true loser. Now thank me for giving you purpose and this addiction is going to take over and ruin your life and I don’t give a fuck. And I love it, I love destroying you idiot.

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