HumiliationPOV - My Tight Young Perfect Body Is Going To Fuck You Up

Added: 21-03-2019

Look at me loser, take in every inch of my perfect body. Look at my perfect tits in this sexy outfit, my amazing curves, my beautiful red hair and perfect round ass. Every part of me is perfection, isn’t it? I know you agree because you haven’t stopped staring and stroking. Stare at me and know that someone like me would never be with someone like you. That’s why you’re here jerking to me.
I will never fuck you, you will never have me, but that won’t stop you wanting me. You just like to sit there and jerk off to me because you know that you’re lucky I even let you jerk to my perfect, tight young body. You’re so grateful, aren’t you? You are because you know in real life you’d never get a hot, young girl like me. You just like jerking to me like the pervert that you are.
The truth is that I would never even meet you in person. And you know you will never be with a girl as perfect as me. You’ve never even been with someone remotely as hot as I am. If you have a woman now I know she doesn’t compare to me. That’s why you’re here looking at me on your computer screen, because you cannot get someone as hot as me in real life. Buying my clips is the closest you’ll come to being near someone like me. You love having me on your screen while I tell you that I’m way too good for you.
No girl has ever dressed up like this for you or teased you with a body like this. Because you have nothing to offer so no girl like me will ever be with you. You’re just a jerk off loser. No woman wants that. It’s so sad but you can’t help but coming back to me. All you want to do is stroke your dick to me even though you know you’ll never fuck me.
But I won’t stop you, I want you to stroke to my perfect young body. I want you so addicted to me. Stroke to the fact that you’ll never have me. My hot little body is going to fuck you up so bad that you’ll never be able to get off any other way. I’m going to make it so that even if you do fuck some girl, you’ll have to think about me in order to cum. I’m going to scramble your brain so badly that you’ll want to stay home and jerk to me, rather than fuck her. You can’t stop thinking about me, can you? You’re going to spend the rest of your life alone jerking to me. And even that thought turns you on.

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