Madam Violet - The Observer Effect

Added: 24-03-2019

Reality; an infinite sea of potentiality, possibilities…until a choice is made by the simple act of OBSERVING and potentiality becomes REALITY. Just like you’re doing now…watching Me, watching yourself as you STROKE your cock and succumb to My power. Metaphors were favoured by Milton Erickson as a form of induction/deepener and as the vehicle to initiate behavioural change because the messages and commands within metaphors are more readily accepted by the subconscious mind than a direct order. This is a must-have for your collection; one of those multi-layered, metaphorical works of profound mesmerising genius! Sweet oblivion, full body and mind pleasure from start to finish. Sit back, focus your mind on Me. Observe yourself, so relaxed, so peaceful as I begin to unravel your mind and body. Two distinct audio tracks means there is no escape from My voice. Reality begins to melt away as time begins to shift and as you listen to Me and enter a deep deep state. As you observe ME you choose ME. Over and over, solidifying ME as your one true reality. Look into My eyes as you willingly stroke your cock into oblivion, as I lick My long red finger nails and squeeze My big tits. My moans and groans, My wicked smile…My diabolical mind….time vanishing, all potentials collapsing into one endless moment of bliss, ONE reality, ONE Goddess, After nearly 40 minutes of DEEP mind control, mindless sweet oblivion, I lick each finger one by one as I count you down from 10 to one, agonisingly slow, exquisite. When My last finger leaves My mouth the CUM will leave your cock…and you r Contains: deep mesmerise, NLP, metaphor, imbedded commands, two voice tracks, deepeners, finger snaps, count down, tit worship, eye fixation, red nails, masturbation encouragement, JOI, cum countdown, Slave training, love addiction, behaviour modification, time distortion, binaural tones.

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