Natashas Bedroom - The Way To Gay Hypno

Added: 28-03-2019

You can relax. You can let go. I’m going to show you the way to gay. Watch my pendant swing and feel yourself fall down. I’ll lead you down the sweet path to fagdom. Breathe in and out. Slip away with me. I won’t bring you back until you’re screaming for cock.
Your mind is blank. Cock flashes across the screen, and there’s nothing to hold you back. There’s no fear or hesitation. You stiffen, your mouth opens for it, you need cock. Your response is reflexively gay. Homosexual.
Faggot. Faggot. Faggot. Every time you hear that word sweetly whispered from my lips, your faggot side is triggered. Homo. Homo. Homo. Each time I say it, it becomes more true. There’s no resistance. My sexual reprogramming is so gentle that you don’t even notice how deep you’re falling.
Cock. Cock. Cock. There’s no confusion now. You’re desperate for cock. Just hearing that word sends a rush of pleasure through your body. And the sight of cock simply overwhelms all your senses.
You can taste him in your mouth. You can feel his cum on your tongue. Your body demands penetration, violation, surrender. You shudder with excitement. With the pure bliss of being fully gay.
You’re my little faggot now. Just how I like you.

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