HumiliationPOV - I Know Exactly How Your Piggy Brain Works

Added: 04-04-2019

You are absolutely addicted to me. I see it every time you send a tribute to me. The numbers have been going up. You can’t stop. At first your numbers were small, but then you became addicted and every day you drain more and more into my account to give me everything I want. You pay for everything. Keep spending more and more. I love that $25 jumped to $100, and then it jumped to $500. And $500 turned into $1,000 and now here we are. You’ll be depositing $1,000 more by the end of this video. I know that just made your cock twitch. I know how your piggy brain works.
I am perfection, I am a God among Gods. I am your one true God and you are here to serve me. Because you are a loser. You beg for my attention, you beg for me to talk to you, you beg to see me. And you know I won’t waste my time without money. That’s why you pay me more and more every single day.
I am flawless and you wish so badly you could be a part of my life. So you pay dearly, just for a bit of my attention. I’m going to take more and more and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re addicted to me, but even more, you’re addicted to paying me and the way it makes your cock feel. No one else can get inside your head the way I can.
You stalked me online for years, afraid to give in, afraid of what would happen. And then you broke, and now you’re fucked. You live to spoil and pay me. And you know I’ll never want you, I’ll never be close to you, the only thing I’ll ever touch of yours is your wallet. And you will beg me to take it. Your wallet is the only thing I will love about you. Give me more. I deserve it all and your weak piggy cock can’t stop paying me.

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