Miss Kelle Martina - Poison Ivy’s Prisoner

Added: 07-04-2019

Set-up: Poison Ivy has the hero captured and tied to a chair. The clip begins by you approaching the hero (me).
0-3 min. You welcome me to your lair and tease me for getting caught and tied up by you. You then explain that trapped me because you needed me for your diabolical plan. You need my genetic material to create part human-part plant hybrid to help you destroy a nearby factory that is creating pollution and destroying nearby plant life. At first I presume you’re going to take my hair or something but you inform me that you have something else in mind.
3-7 min. You begin to tease me with your body and try to arouse me. I try to resist. My attempts to resist only make it more fun for you. Then you get very excited when I’m completely aroused. I still attempt to resist so you put on your entrancing lipstick and kiss me to make sure I’m compliant. The magic lipstick starts to work but I try to resist again because I know what’s at stake. This amuses you again and you give me one more kiss and tell me to beg for your touch. I’m now totally under your control.
7-10 min. You jerk me off, reminding me how I’m becoming mesmerized by you and how I’m letting everyone down and giving up my integrity as a hero for you. You tease me and humiliate me throughout and tell me you want to hear me beg for the opportunity to cum. At the end you give a ten second countdown and once I finish you inform me that you’re not done and me will be coming back for more later.
The poison seductress takes control.

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