HumiliationPOV - Sensual Brain Candy - Obedience Is Pleasure

Added: 07-04-2019

“This is an exquisite mesmerize clip! It is euphoric and truly magical. It induces a very powerful, relaxing trance like state. Watching this on full screen in crystal clear high definition is truly mesmerizing! This is a beautiful masterpiece! Not only will you hear Princess Mika’s sensual voice, but there are layered brainwashing tracks and soft ethereal music playing in the background. This clip has more eye candy and brain candy than your weak little mind can handle! Headphones are highly recommended to fully experience the layered brainwashing tracks.”
I want you to let go. Give in to me. You were born to serve, born to obey. Relax, let everything go. Just stare at me, look into my eyes, listen to my voice and let it all go. Just focus on me. All you need is me. All you need is my voice. All of your stresses, all of your thoughts, let them melt away as you get lost in my eyes.
You love obeying me. You were born to obey me. Give in to me. You are going to fully dedicate yourself to being my online slave. It’s going to change your life. This is your fate. You were born for this. You were born to please me. Worship me. You can’t look away. Serve, worship, obey. Serve, worship, obey. Everything else just melts away except for me. Give in to your submissive desires. Obedience is pleasure, please is obedience.
I am your Goddess, your owner. Go deeper now. Feel yourself letting go even more. You’re drifting and floating in this euphoric bliss. Nothing else feels this good. You need to fulfill your destiny of serving me, your Empress. No longer will you hesitate, nothing will hold you back from serving me. You will live the life you were meant to live from now on, completely dedicated to me as my slave. It’s just you and me here. Stroke for me, worship me and know that you will be my slave. Feel how good it feels to obey me. Obey, serve, and worship. Good boy. It feels so good to obey me and this is only the beginning…

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