Goddess Isabel - P0pp3rz Mindgasm, Implanting Thoughts In Your Brain

Added: 09-04-2019

This is a mind melting p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. mesmerize experience. Prepare to be taken on a journey. The audio contains an ethereal background track and a subtle echo effect to truly allow your mind to float and drift. Headphones are highly recommended. Grab your bottle, if you dare…
Hello slave. Welcome to your new red obsession. I know that you’re obsessed with my perfect goddess body. You are obsessed by my perfection and you can’t resist my red lingerie. Look at me. Follow my voice. Good boy. Start to jerk your cock. Jerk it for my perfect body. You can’t resist me.
And now, inhale and… exhale. You’re obsessed with my sexy body, obsessed with my power. Keep jerking. And then inhale. Oh yes, now exhale. You’re completely lost. All you can think about is me. All you want is my voice in your ear and my body in moving slowly in front of you. This feels so good. Keep jerking. Now I want you to go deeper. You can’t resist my perfection.
Inhale the p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. again and…. exhale. Good boy. Keep jerking. You’re completely mesmerized by my red lingerie, by my perfect body. Inhale again. Hold it… and exhale. Don’t stop jerking. Focus on my body. You are mine now. Completely. You are mesmerized by my perfection. You are just a mindless wanker. Feel it. Inhale again.
Exhale. It feels so good. You love this rush. You’re so deep, so lost in this jerk trance. Keep jerking and hold out your hand. I want you to jerk into your hand. I want you to eat your own cum. And in this state you want it too. You want it so badly. You can feel it. My words putting thoughts in your brain. The feeling is so intense. Now cum, cum and eat it. Eat your own cum for me. Lap it up. Good boy. Wake up.

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Duration: 00:07:52
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