HumiliationPOV - Risky Blackmail, You Can’t Resist The Rush

Added: 09-04-2019

I know you idiots love blackmail. Do you know how I know? It’s because you beg me for it. The idea of it has been circling around in that tiny little brain of yours for so long, until finally you break and beg for it. It’s literally the only thing that gets your dick hard. But this is going to be a bit different from how you thought it was going to go.
Normally you freaks send me pictures and then beg me not to put them up. And I oblige, only if you pay me, otherwise, I love exposing you losers. But honestly if you’re going to send your humiliating pictures to me, well I’m fucking posting them immediately. And then you can pay to have them taken down. My thousands of followers will see you and you can hope that no one recognizes you. This is how I like to play the game. It’s so much more fun for me this way. And it gets you to pay a lot faster, lol!
I can imagine the look on your face as it gets likes, and comments and gets retweeted. Who knows how many people will see it? Your stupid private pictures that you just had to send me, will no longer be private. Unless you pay, and fast. The longer it’s up, the more chance someone will see it. But maybe you’re just one of those losers who likes being exposed by a heartless domme. Just know that I will tag your name, hometown or any other information I have to expose you as quick as fucking possible, quicker than you can pay.
Do you still want to play? Of course you do, you can’t fucking help it, you take one look at me and the power that I have over you and you get so hard and stupid. Even knowing that you could risk everything in your life, you still want to try it. And this game becomes really fucking addicting to all my victims. Something about me having complete and total control over your pathetic life makes you cum harder than anything else. It is the biggest fucking thrill of your pathetic life.
Are you scared yet? You should be. You’re playing with fire. I enjoy exposing losers like you. You see I truly don’t give a fuck about you. And this type of blackmail makes you send tribute as fast as you send those pictures. And you risk your life for what? Just so you can cum? God you’re so pathetic. And who’s life am I ruining anyway? Just some stupid pathetic loser who can’t control himself. I truly don’t give a fuck about losers like you so I have no problem exposing you harder than you even thought you wanted. You literally mean nothing to me. And I know you want to try it because you’re hard as a rock right now. Don’t say you weren’t warned. So, do you wanna play?

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