HumiliationPOV - Reckless Poppers Blackmail

Added: 30-04-2019

You came here out of your own insatiable curiosity, to play with real power exchange, with real consequences. I know you’ve been fantasizing about it, and now you’re finally ready to dive into it. You know exactly what I’m talking about, you clicked on this clip. Equipping me with the power to ruin your life is scary. But why is your cock throbbing right now?
There’s a voice inside your head telling you that this is too dangerous, too reckless but you can’t deny how hard it makes you. I have something here to alleviate all of that fear and make that throbbing cock a little harder, make your mind which is controlled by your cock, a little more susceptible to my suggestions. So take a sniff.
Is your mind a little hazy? Is your cock getting harder at the idea of giving me everything I need to take full control of your life? A little bit of that fear dissipated, didn’t it? You’re only focused on my sweet voice that will explain to you why this is a bit dangerous, but also very erotic. I know you’ve been fantasizing about blackmail. You love the idea of me ruining you. Maybe you thought that financial domination was the ultimate power exchange, but the difference between this and findom is quite drastic. Findom is so difficult to quit once you get hooked. But the difference is that findom can end, you have the ability to say no. Take another sniff.
In findom you can put an end to that reckless spending but blackmail is ongoing. You can’t say no when you want to. That’s what’s hot. It strips away your power. Now notice how hard your cock is getting, notice how you’re touching your cock to the idea of giving me the power to ruin you and that’s exactly what you’re going to do today while you’re in this stupid, horny state. You want to ruin yourself, you want me to ruin you. There’s nothing hotter. Sniff again.
And whenever you remember that I have everything I need to destroy you, your cock will throb. It’s like being owned by me, forever. It’s what you want, it’s what you need, it’s why you’re here, it’s why you’re so hard. I want your information, you want to give it to me. Now you know exactly what’s next, open up your email and take another sniff. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it, there’s nothing hotter than this. Now type in your information, your full name, I want you to be easier to find. You want that too, right? So I can find your friends, your family, your social media. That’s so hot, isn’t it?
Now your phone number. Take another sniff. Home address. You’re getting so stupid, you know this is pretty reckless. Look how hard you are. I want you to give me the contact information for the two most important people in your life. And lastly I want a picture of your right now in the state that you’re in with your hand wrapped around your cock, probably making some stupid face as you’re so absorbed in this reckless behavior. Now take another sniff and then hit send. I know you want to cum and you can’t cum until you hit send. I know you want to be ruined, and now you’re fucked.

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