Lindsey Leigh - Self Defense Course EP. 2

Added: 01-05-2019

CUSTOM REQUEST: Main ThemeYou are telling & teaching other girls the ins and outs of lethal self defense techiques. Sharing your favorite moves and telling your audience about certain fights you had.Please show your bare feet/soles as much as possible. When you are talking go for different poses where your soles are visible to the camera. Perhaps you could introduce your self then remove your sneakers and socks and apologize for your feet being sweaty and smelling.Outfit obviously barefoot and the rest I leave up to you athletic / revealing / It should be a combo of POV and simple teacher to student dialogue. You dont need a Femdom voice or a sexy voice. It is both a How to clip + a retell of what you did to your opponents.The more descriptive the betterplease refer to different parts of your bare foot and point to that particular part of your foot /sole as you are showing your foot. Here are the parts of your sole/foot to discuss: 1-your big toe, your sole, heel, ball of foot, knife edge of foot, etc etc remember to point as you talkHere are the parts of the guys body that are your targets: his eyes, his throat, his nose and the BEST ONE IS HIS BALLS.(Please use as many names for balls as possible= nuts/gonads/testicles/scrotum/etc)It would be great if you could get a carrot and pretend it is a guys erection and you bite it off and spit it outYour aim is to your attacker and you usually succeed. THE MORE VIOLENT THE BETTER.I want one guy to beg for his life and you him anyway.You knock one guy out and decide to him while he is on the ground because he is a repeat offender

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