Goddess Jessica - Mind Theft

Added: 08-05-2019

You’re having a normal day. After work you decide to go look at a couch you found on craigslist. You’re sort of zoning out when you knock on the door, ready to go through the motions of introducing yourself and then getting to the point. A pretty blonde opens the door and you find yourself a little stunned. She takes you into the living room and you immediately lose interest in the couch and feel so lucky for the honor even sitting in front of her. You notice she has some flashy gold jewelry on and compliment her dangling pendant necklace. She excitedly shows it off to you and you jump on the opportunity to talk to her about something besides the couch, you can turn this into a conversation! What else is possible after that? Right as you start to think the conversation about the necklace is getting a little too enthusiastic, you realize your eyes have been moving back and forth for some time. How long now? Where are you? Why do you feel like this? Did she do something to you? Are you in a different dimension? High? Sick? Something is way off, so why aren’t you terrified? You don’t have enough time to think about it… there is a voice in your head. It’s HER voice, it’s talking you down from your bad thoughts. No, it’s distracting you from your thoughts, you don’t even have room in your mind to think. Or is that voice in your head your subconscious, is it hers? Who cares, it’s euphoric now. You feel waves of pleasure washing over you. You’re warm and comfortable and most of all, horny. You’ve never felt this way in your life. You need to hang on to this moment, however long it is. Do whatever she says in order to stay here. You need to obey. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*

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