Glam Worship - You Can’t Live Without Me

Added: 09-05-2019

Back again to get your daily dose of humiliation and you’re in luck because I’m wearing this sexy bra and stockings. It makes you want to just hand over more of your money. I love pushing you to the edge, and it’s so easy too. All I have to do is look hot which isn’t hard for me seeing as I am perfection. Funny too because you think I give a fuck about you but I don’t. Why would I care about a gross, ugly, greasy old loser who sits in his room all day and jerks off? Exactly, the only reason I even glance your way is because you pay for it. Otherwise I would tell you to take a hike, if I saw you on the streets I would likely run because of your ugly face. You are so fucking disgusting. I do love how desperate you are though, it’s pretty funny to see another human being stoop this low. To be such a disgrace, to fall so easily under another persons spell. Your entire purpose in life is to stroke and pay, it’s all your good for. You will never break free either, you can try and run but it won’t work. You will be back time and time again because your addicted and I am going to push you further every time. Now I know how badly you want to cum so get that tribute sent and follow my countdown! – Brooke

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