HumiliationPOV - You Deserve A Bratty Cash R@p!ng, Don’t You Piggy?

Added: 12-05-2019

You are going to be clicking and paying as you jerk off today. Doesn’t that just make your cock twitch? I know you’re addicted to paying hot brats like me. Just thinking about it already has your cock throbbing. You fucking love it. I know you’re jerking it already. You get the most intense orgasms after you pay, don’t you? It feels so good to click and pay as you stroke to my hot bratty body and voice. It makes you cum so hard.
I know you want to be a good pay pig so you’re going to put one hand on your cock and the other on your computer so you can click and stroke. I deserve to be spoiled, don’t I? And you love sending money to hot brats while you stroke your cock. You’re so fucking addicted to financial domination. You’re going to have such an intense orgasm from clicking and paying. You love spoiling my long sexy bratty legs, you love staring at them like you are right now while you’re pumping away. Pump away you fucking findom addicted pay pig. You’re nothing but a wallet to me, an atm and that’s why I don’t give a fuck about your orgasm.
You don’t deserve to cum, you’re nothing but cash to me. Pay pigs don’t deserve to cum whenever the fuck they want. You only deserve to be cash r.@.p.3.d. and that’s what I’m going to do to you today. I’m going to leave you with an empty wallet and a ruined orgasm. But you don’t care because it just feels so good to stroke as you pay me.
I know you want to be a good horny pay pig for me. So when I lift my skirt and show you my ass, you are going to click. Clicking and paying for my hot, young bratty ass. You’re going to need to pay me whenever you see my perfect fucking ass. Such a hot bratty ass, you’re so fucked, you love paying it. You wish so badly that you could cum to my ass. You deserve to be treated this way by me. You’re my pay piggy, that’s all you are to me.
You’re going to pay again and get what you deserve, a fucking ruined orgasm. You’re going to click and pay as you cum, then you’re going to let go and ruin it, my little pay piggy. And I’m going to ruin your orgasm to my perfect ass. But you don’t even deserve that, you only deserve to be wallet r.@.p.3.d. You’re so lucky I’m allowing you to do this for me, aren’t you piggy? Now click, pay and let go, stare at my ass as your orgasm is completely ruined, cum just dribbling out, getting exactly what you deserve.

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