KimberleyJx - Poison Ivy - Seeds of all Evil

Added: 14-05-2019

Meet, Doctor Pamela Lillian Isley a nerdy biochemist, plant activist and lover of all things Mother nature. She's been working on a cure to extend plants lifecycle tenfold. No longer would the earth worry about a lack of oxygen or decrease in photosynthesis, it would make the nerdy biochemist legendary! The substance she's conjured up is called ‘Whorethorne' applying it to the plants the nerdy biochemist takes notes of all the visible effects over a number of days but to her surprise, the substance does more than what she anticipated. Firstly, It's beginning to have a strange affect on her and the plants around her. Just starting with a rapid growth spurt slowly changes into something much more peculiar. She begins to hear voices - as if the plants were communicating with her, noticing green mist, thinking nothing of it she begins to feel horny, as if she has been told to do naughty things. Stripping down out of her overalls, she can't help but cushion herself in the plants and play with her plump pink pussy whilst slowly feeling a strange plant hormone taking over her body. Not only affecting her behaviour, turning a once shy nerdy biochemist into a slut its started to really changed the plants too, they've grown phallic spouts overnight & in her horny state she can't help but suck them! - is this just her horny state of mind? Or are the plants really speaking to her? As the days past she really begins to lose control she begins to become frightened but experiencing a huge strange and powerful lust over her she begins to do things she'd never dreamt of before. Slutty, rebellious acts such as fucking the plant based spouts until they burst all their seeds inside her. This is the part when she truly starts to change, not only becoming more openly promiscuous her appearance changes, unsure at first - its as if she's becoming a superhero, or villain its unclear but she knows, or are the plants making her? Telling her to be something? Sporting a green ivy covered corset & red hair - she now calls herself ‘POISON IVY' One day after leaving the laboratory she unexpectedly gets awoken tied & bound by the ivy, providing no escape the ivy fucks her, and with other spouts now appeared proceeds to fuck her mouth at the same time. So watch this and join the experiment and it proceeds to turns kinkier as the days go on & mind fucks the ahegao future femme fatale into submission & plants the seed for her plan for world domination
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