HumiliationPOV - Goddess Paige - Obedient Puppet Mind Eraser

Added: 22-05-2019

Goddess Paige has added a soft binaural beat & isochronic tone soundtrack to this mesmerize clip to help your mind sink even deeper. This clip has subliminal audio and visual brainwashing effects.
Take a deep breath, pet. With every breath you grow more and more relaxed. Feel the relaxation take over your body with every exhale. You feel no tension or stress. You feel your mind calming and your subconscious opening wide for me. You belong to me, you are my little zombie. Nothing else matters but me in this moment. The urge to obey is a compulsion you cannot deny.
The only words that can escape your mouth will be, ‘Yes Goddess’. No matter what I ask, you will utter these words. ‘Yes Goddess’. Because nothing else matters but worshiping and pleasing me. Every moment you fall deeper and deeper under my spell until you are nothing but a little ‘Yes Puppet’ for me. Until you are nothing buy my obedient pet. My perfect brat body is all you can think about. My perfect brat body is what makes your cock throb, it’s what makes you fall deeper and deeper. My body owns you, body, mind and soul. You can’t say no, you can’t escape. My power is just too strong.
My words are wrapping around your mind, making you succumb to my desires. You can’t escape my words. Obeying me is your purpose. And your cock agrees with me. Every time you say, ‘Yes’, you feel an overwhelming wave of pleasure. It’s an orgasmic rush that consumes your weak little mind. Every moment makes you weaker. Every moment only heightens my control. You are my little ‘Yes Puppet’. I pull your strings. I give you an order and all you can say is, ‘Yes Goddess’.
You must sacrifice everything for me. My brat body is your world. I’m turning you into my obedient Yes Puppet. I am planting this thought so deep in your mind that it will never come out. I will be all that you think about. Falling deeper into my web. You don’t even know what I’m doing to you, implanting subliminal triggers so deep. I’m turning your mind into clay that I can mold. And I want you to be my little Yes Puppet. I want you to feel that wave of bliss every time you obey.
Your cock is telling you to surrender. I’m sinking deeper into your mind and becoming a part of you. I am your d.r.u.g.., your addiction, your world now. You never knew you could need someone as much as you need me. But now you know, now I am a part of you. Now you are going to be my Yes Puppet forever. Now you are mine, permanently. My little pet. My good boy. My words are planted deep within you now. And when you awaken, they shall bury themselves even deeper, becoming a part of your soul. You are my little puppet now and you’ll never be the same.

File Name : 11___HumiliationPOVObedienmerize
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 684 MB
Duration: 00:09:16
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 9994 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 317 kb/s


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