Goddess Madam Violet - The Alchemist

Added: 28-05-2019

I take a mediocre male, subject him to various pressures and mesmerising procedures until he is transformed, ELEVATED, into something far greater. He has been sexually, mentally, physically, psychological and spiritually transmogrified by ME and My powers into a slave. This is alchemy. I am the Alchemist.
The ancient mystical practice of turning base metal into gold and of course the search for the elixir of eternal life. Bursting with metaphor, power, wisdom, symbolism – alchemy is PROFOUND and life changing transformation of mind, body and spirit.
My sexual sensuality is a palpable power in combination with the way I manipulate and control all parts of your mind, I have FULL control of you, My fingers deep inside your pussy-mind working My magic. You are just a VESSEL for MY power to flow through, clay for Me to mould. STROKE for Me as the I take you from DEEP relaxation into pure ECSTASY, from worthless to slave.
My perfect ASS, stunning body and the way I move it is enough to obliterate your mind and My constant onslaught of sensual commands, deeply imbedded rewirings have you profoundly enslaved. STROKE mindlessly, blissed out as I rearrange your entirety. This, ME, psycho-sexual alchemy is your DRUG, your addiction, and I am your Alchemist.
Through Me you will forever be tied, always be connected. The process has already begun, My work with you will be lifelong. As I trigger you into orgasm all My transformative words are permanently merged with your psyche…

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