HumiliationPOV - Princess Kendi Olsen - Slurp Up Your Disgusting Slime For Me, I Don’t Care If You Like It Or Not

Added: 29-05-2019

Stroke to me. I know how horny you are. Your cock twitched the moment you saw how hot I looked. I want you to stroke to my hot little body while I tease you and humiliate you in the way that drives you fucking crazy. You can stroke all you want but there’s one catch, you must eat your own cum. I don’t care if you like it or not, if you want to stroke to me, you will eat your cum. You must earn your orgasm. Do you think I’m here giving out jerk off instructions for free?
Poor fucking loser, nothing comes for free. If you want to tug that disgusting little loser stick to me, then you will eat your own cum. Swallow it all down like the fucking faggot you claim you aren’t. Tug it loser. It feels so fucking good to jerk off to me. You don’t care if you have to swallow a sticky, steamy load for me, it’s worth it.
You love stroking to me, you love being my fucking loser, you can’t get enough of it. So stroke that fucking cock for me. Do as you’re told loser. I want you to build up tons of cum to slurp down for me. It’s disgusting I know. Cum is literally just slime that comes dribbling out of dicks, that’s the most disgusting thing in the world. I know you’re disgusted but aren’t you excited to slurp it down for me? I know a little part of you is excited and you’re a little bit curious about what it will be like to suck sperm for me.
You’re going to slurp down a whole load of cum for me. Fuck yea. Tug it. Are you excited to suck slime for me? Are you excited to feel all of that warm goo in your mouth? You’re going to feel that hot slime running down your throat. You’re going to eat it like a cum hungry little slut. You’re so horny, you don’t even care that you have to suck cum for me. You just want to cum.
Get your hand ready to catch that load then cum right in your hand for me. A nice big fucking load, pump it out and suck it down. Slurp up all of that nasty slime. It’s so fucking disgusting, you’re so fucking disgusting drinking your own cum. Lick your fingers, get every drop. You’re a slut. Lick it up you little faggot. What a good little cum sucking slut. I’ll bet there’s such a look of shame on your face as your loser stick deflates in shame. You ate your cum like a little faggot, like a little freak. And do you know what the best part is my little semen sucking slut? You’re going to do it again.
– Princess Kendi Olsen –

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