Goddess Madam Violet - Just Before you CUM

Added: 29-05-2019

“Goddess, make me love eating cum!” NO no NO. It should not taste good, it should be INTENSE and profound. Eating your cum is 1) a deterrent to cumming in the first place 2) a reminder of how inferior you are in the inside. My cum tastes DELICIOUS, your does not. There is a reason for that.
I am a kind Goddess and I will place you in a deep mesmerised state first. I will empty your mind of all resistance, you can hide in the safe bliss of hip0sis! It will be easy this way, just relax…stroke your cock and SLIDE… seconds away from orgasm, cocooned in the shelter of My realm, pussy-mind gaping as you watch Me stroke My pussy, ready to OBEY like the mindless drone you are….
I count you down all of a sudden I am counting you UP out of a mesmerised state, you keep on STROKING as I force you WIDE AWAKE and TRIGGER you into ORGASM before you have time to think as you EAT your CUM fully AWARE and present. The rapid change of state confusing your mind into OBEDIENCE…it’s like you’re watching yourself from the outside EAT YOUR CUM!
Just like you should be!! MY control over you is SO HOT. There is NO escape silly slave, you should be present for every delicious moment, I WANT to see you STRUGGLE! That is the ‘work’, slave. That is surrender. THAT is a good boy.

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