HumiliationPOV - The Lonely Loser Compulsive Masturbator Cycle

Added: 01-06-2019

Are you home again, all alone, jerking off? You’re so predictable. All you think about is jerking off. It’s all you want to do, isn’t it loser? You’re always horny but no one will have sex with you, so you jerk your life away. You fuck your fist because it’s all you know how to do, because you can’t get any pussy. Even I won’t get naked for you, or touch myself, or show you how I take a big cock. No way. This is all you get loser.
You’ve just grown so used to humiliation that it’s the only way you can get off. You get off to humiliation by clothed girls. So here you are, jerking off again. You never get tired of it. You never think of quitting this addiction of yours because all you think about is cumming and this is the only way you can cum.
I’ll bet you spend all day and night just jerking yourself stupid. You just can’t help yourself. You need to do it. The more you try to stop it, the harder it becomes to control. And you just can’t control yourself. As long as a brat like me tells you what to do with your cock, you’re there, doing it. You obey because you are weak. You have no self control. You look for strong women to tell you what to do. You just want to stroke all day and all night.
And you need to be constantly degraded while you jerk. You’re a freak who needs his fix. And I don’t even need to get naked to get that b.l.0.0.d. pumping to your cock. You just need a hot girl who’s in control, telling you to do exactly what you want to do, and that is to cum. So cum for me loser. Make another worthless loser load, then you’ll regret what you’ve just done, but only for a moment, before you start the cycle all over again. Finding another girl, another video, so you can edge for hours. You’ll spend the rest of your life jerking off to fully dressed brats who don’t want anything to do with you. You’ll never fuck again idiot, you’ll just hump your hand night after night, all alone.

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