Mistress Lola Ruin - My sploshing loser

Added: 01-06-2019

Today you are going to entertain Me, you pathetic little loser. If you want to cum for Me, then you are going to become very messy for Me. There are a list of items I want you to have ready for Me. Beans, soup, custard, a pack of eggs, flour, a trifle, jelly, rice pudding and whipped cream. I also want you to bring a large custard pie for Me, which perhaps W/we can enjoy afterwards if you please Me. I want you to lay out every single item in front of your naked body, and prepare for My instructions. Now, before W/we even start to get you messy, I want to frustrate and humiliate you. I don’t want you to forget what a stupid little bitch you are for a single second. I command you tell Me just how pathetic you are whilst you stroke for Me, and I see your eyes dart between My skin tight latex and all the food I have commanded you bring to play with. Your cock swells with pleasure, proving what a sploshing loser you really are. I talk you through some specific stroking and edging instructions, making you more messy as W/we go along. Smashing eggs straight over your head right after I edge you. Pour those beans over yourself, and feel the sensation of those cold, wet beans sliding down you whilst you stroke for Me. Isn’t it pathetic how much this turns you on?! We have barely even begun you are already a complete mess! Edge for Me again, and tip that trifle all over your head. I laugh at how ridiculous you look, squealing from frustration and shock as all that mess runs over you. We continue on, with specific stroking, edging and sploshing instructions. You get messier and messier as you become covered in all the food I asked you bring. I make you pick it up off the floor and rub it into your body. I command you use custard as lubricant to wank your cock with. It throbs as I laugh at how ridiculous you look. Finally, I ask you to bring over that large custard pie I told you to save. Place it right beneath that cock, and follow My cum countdown instructions. You are going to drizzle that pie in your hot cum for Me, before I give you your big sploshing finale…!

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File Size : 427 MB
Duration: 00:23:02
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