HumiliationPOV - Princess Candy Glitter - You Crave Tease And Denial, You Love How I Fuck With Your Brain

Added: 02-06-2019

You’re so fucking addicted to jerking and edging for me, aren’t you? It just feels so good to edge for me. So start stroking loser. And I’ll tell you when to start and stop. Nothing makes you harder. You get so fucking weak and horny when I edge you and tease and deny you. Jerk that fucking cock while you stare at my hot young body. I’ll bet you already want to cum for me. Well I don’t think I’m going to let you cum. I’m going to tease you and deny you because that’s what I like doing to chronic masturbators like you.
You get so deep into subspace when I fuck with your cock and your brain. You get so deep when I edge you and deny you. You get so horny when I tell you to stop jerking. In that moment you’re willing to do anything for me, and that’s why I love denying you. And you love being denied, don’t you? But you’ll do anything to be allowed to stroke.
Denial makes you so hard, doesn’t it? You little fucking loser. Denial makes you so weak. Go on, stroke it again. You love it when I tell you that you can jerk your stupid cock again. You’re a hand humper, a chronic masturbator and you deserve to be denied over and over and over again. Stop! LOL! Stare at my ass and beg me to stroke for my perfect ass. Good boy, stroke for my ass. I know you like being my good boy, you love being owned by me.
You’ll do whatever I say because I’m perfect and because I know how to control your cock. And you need your cock controlled. You crave tease and denial, you love what it does to your brain. You need this fucked up cock control, this mind and cock manipulation. And I love seeing the pathetic look on your face when I tell you to stop. You wait so desperately for me to give you permission to stroke again. You’re going deeper and deeper for me as I tease and deny you over and over again.
Jerk it faster idiot. Hump that fucking hand. Now stop. Hands off while I tease you with my perfect body. You love playing my tease and denial jerk games, don’t you? You’re jerk off addict. Stroke it again loser. Doesn’t it feel good to have me tease and deny you like this? It makes you so horny. Now stop, sit on your hands and just stare at me. I’m so hot, dominant and bratty. You want to stroke for my bratty perfection, don’t you? Do it, stroke it again. But don’t cum. You don’t deserve to cum, you’re a filthy pervert who spends his whole life just jerking. You need to be denied, you deserve to be denied. So stop. No cumming, just blue balls for you. You know you deserve this. I love denying you, now thank me for denying you. Then watch this video all over again so I can deny you again, LOL!
– Princess Candy Glitter –

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