HumiliationPOV - Admit It, You’re A Pervert For Hot Young Girls

Added: 04-06-2019

You love looking at hot, young girls, don’t you? I’m sure you’re one of those pervs who is constantly staring at us in public. You make it so obvious. Eww, it’s so gross when I see you perverts staring and drooling at my sexy, tight, young little body. You just can’t take your eyes off of me. It’s so gross! I’ll bet you’re one of those perverts who frequents places where hot young girls hang out. You’re disgusting. Only perverts like you would do something like that. That’s totally you, isn’t it? I can tell, just admit it. Admit that you’re a fucking pervert who can’t stop. You’re addicted to young, hot girls.
You see them wherever you go and you can’t peel your eyes away, can you? Look at my outfit, it’s from Pink, which is where all the young girls like me shop. Oh my god, did that just turn you on even more? Ewwww! You like thinking about how I shop at the young girls’ store Pink. All the older women shop on the Victoria’s Secret side. You’re so perverted and disgusting, ewww! I know you’re jerking off to me right now, you’re such a perv. Go on, jerk your perverted cock to me. I don’t fucking care.
I know you can’t stop stop staring at my hot, young perky ass. I’ll bet you stare at hot young girls’ asses all the time in public. Your eyes would just be fucking glued to my ass. All you are is a fucking pervert. I’ll show you my ass just to remind you that it is so fucking out of your league. You could never have a hot young girls’ ass. All you can do is jerk away behind your computer screen, you fucking pervert. You love jerking to my young fucking ass. Ewww! You don’t deserve it, you’re too disgusting. It’s so gross how you perv out over sexy, tight young bodies. And you do perv out to them, don’t you?
You love staring and drooling over my hot young body. Jerk away like the fucking pervert that you are. I’m sure if you saw me in public you’d take a mental image to go home and jerk to. You’ve done that before, haven’t you? Yes, I know perverts like you. You’re so obvious when you stare in public. I see perverts like you all the time. You can’t look away. You get a boner in your perverted little pants. Guys like you disgust me. You can’t stop. Jerk away and show me what a pervert you are. Cum and prove to me what a pervert you are, cumming to my young fucking ass. Cum pervert, spray out of your perverted fucking cock. Squirt for my tight young body that’s so far out of your league. See you just proved you’re a huge fucking pervert. And you’re never going to change, you’re gross.

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