Worshipjasmine - You've turned Me Lesbian

Added: 09-06-2019

Are you surprised? Surely not. It has been a long time coming. Many years of trying my hardest to just accept you for what you are but each and every time failing miserably. I don't even know where to start, how to even explain to you just what is wrong with you. It's from head to toe, everything about you. You're not a man, you're pathetic, a loser and a joke. How can anyone take you seriously as a male especially when they see just what is between your legs. That is, if they look very very closely as it's that small.

That is seriously the most offensively disgusting thing I have ever seen. Completely and utterly vile! You have no right to call yourself a 'man' that is one thing you are clearly not. The most tinniest, pathetic disgusting little thing. You're supposed manhood is the size of a worm. My little pinkie finger is bigger, longer and better than your dick. How does that make you feel? You should feel ashamed and embarrassed. You should feel like a joke and a complete and utter failure.

That is why I am now a lesbian and leaving your ass. Good bye loser boy

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