HumiliationPOV - Bi Curious? You’re Not Even Bi

Added: 11-06-2019

I think it’s so funny that you think that you’re just bicurious. We both know that it’s more than just a curiosity. You’re way past curiosity, aren’t you? Admit it. Embrace what you really fucking are. You’re not bicurious, you’re not even bi, are you? No, no you’re not. You are gay. You are a faggot. Your dick gets hard for cock. And not just any cock, but huge veiny throbbing cocks. And that means that you’re gay.
Cock makes you so hard. My feminine body does nothing for you. But every time you hear me say the word cock, your dick starts to twitch. You throb at the thought of a huge cock going down your throat. Isn’t that right, faggot? And do you know why? It’s because you really are gay, aren’t you?
Why can’t you just accept the truth? You’re a faggot who wants to take cock in all of his holes. It would be so much better for you if you would just admit it, just accept it. Embrace it. You’re a faggot who wants to be down on his knees taking cock. There’s nothing bicurious about that. Bicurious men don’t jerk off exclusively to thoughts of being a cum guzzling slut, but you do. Because that’s what you really are, a dick swallowing cum bucket for men.
You’re a faggot. You’re gay. You love to take cock. You want to suck cock. You don’t want pussy. You don’t watch straight porn and get off to pussy. No. You watch gay porn or coerced bi clips exclusively. That makes you a full blown faggot. You need to just accept it because everyone else already knows. You try so hard pretending to be exactly what you are not, a fag. A homo. A cock sucker. Bicurious my ass. You, my pathetic loser, are a faggot. You might as well be, no woman will ever have you. Just accept it, you’re not bicurious, you’re gay.

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