Mistress Lola Ruin - Addicted To Your Therapist

Added: 13-06-2019

So I know you went into great detail in your consultation email, however I would like to hear in your own words what has brought you to therapy. What problems do you feel you are currently facing, and what do you hope to gain from working together? Well, I specialise in male sexual dysfunction, and I have helped many men over their premature ejaculation. The way I like to tackle this is through a form of ‘relaxation’ therapy. The goal is to have you so completely relaxed that I can access your subconscious. It’s not unusual for you to not remember any of this afterwards, and it’s also important to note that this is a process which may take a few sessions before you see any improvement. Now, I want you to take long, slow steady breaths. I want you to just tune into the present moment, becoming connected with the hear and now. With each out breath you become more and more relaxed. Eventually you are completely under My spell… and only then do I reveal My true motives. In this state, you belong to Me. You are completely powerless to Me, and what I choose to do with you. And, what I want to do is turn you into My slave. I like having men completely devoted to Me. Mindless boys under My spell. Now, with each breath, you are going to become more and more addicted to Me. I want you to jerk whilst you watch Me tease you. I want you turned into a pathetic little stroking zombie for Me. And most importantly of all, even though your premature ejaculation will never get better, you won’t be able to help from booking session after session with Me. You’re going to keep coming back, completely addicted to Me just as you should be…

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