Princess Miki - Blackmail - Hot Student Catches Pervy Teacher On Camera

Added: 16-06-2019

Hi, I wanted to talk about my grades. Specifically… the last grade I got on my test.
I know I didn’t do very well… it’s just that, I didn’t expect… a D. I think my parents are going to **** me if they find out.
I’m applying to colleges right now, and grades are really important. I’m trying my best. I used to be a good student, right? So, I was wondering if there’s something I could do to get a better grade. There is… something… right…? Or, can I suggest something? I think I know how to convince you to change my grade. You know I need that A. Do I LOOK like a failing student? So here’s the deal… I’ll let you pull your dick out. I know it’s hard. It’s bulging. And I know your dick wants to give me an A.
I’m not a failing student. You like me, because I’m your favorite student. I’m the one you think about every night. You have it written all over your face. So since your dick is out now, why don’t you do something with it? All you need to do is make that little change in your grade book. I’ll do anything. And I know you’ll do anything… for this. Keep jerking. Because I’m letting you. Say it out loud. “Miki, I’ll give you that A if you give me your pussy.†Admit it, that’s what it takes, right? I can do that for you. Just imagine how wet I’ll be… my wet, tight little pussy would feel so good. But you know what makes me wetter? You changing that grade book. Hahaha. I don’t deserve a D… the only D I deserve is yours, right? Hehe.
But GUESS WHAT! I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to give you anything. You remember all of those cameras installed in all the classrooms? It’s to prevent things like this. I’m not at fault for this, remember. I just got you caught. It’s to keep teachers like you in check. But only after there’s a report, right? So what I want from you now… not only do I want that A… you have your dick out on camera, jerking it to your student who is teasing you. It’s on camera. Because I have that leverage against you, you’re going to give me that A… and your money. Hush money, that’s what they call it. Haha. Give me everything you have in your wallet. Including your credit card. You don’t want me telling, do you? Hand it over, pervert. Every time you want to use your credit card, you have to come to me after class. Oh, we have something to discuss after class? Really it’s just you needing access to your funds again, huh? Hahaha. I own you, mister. You’re so fucked. And it was so easy. Aaaaaaaand you don’t get ANY of this, either. All you got was a tease, and your wallet taken.
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