HumiliationPOV - Mistress T - You’re Tongue Is My Toilet Paper

Added: 28-06-2019

You are so eager to please. I wonder how far would you go? How low would you go to degrade yourself and please me? Crawl into the bathroom with me, yes the bathroom! Are you starting to figure out what’s going on? I wonder if you’ll humiliate yourself in the ultimate way for me?
I’m a goddess, I shouldn’t have to use a toilet and rough, dry toilet paper. Not when I’ve got someone like you around, with your hot, wet, filthy mouth. You’re going to be my $h!t eater, my ass cleaner, and my toilet paper. You’re my little toilet boy, my $h!t slave. Now stick that fucking tongue out and let me see it. Good boy.
Now I know the first time might be tough, you might have some hesitation, so let me remind you why you’re here. A woman like me would otherwise never give you the time of day, you know that. You’re pathetic. You crave a truly dominant woman to tell you what to do, to put you in your place, to take over control. You fucking need it. If I dismissed you, what would you have? You’d have nothing to live for, so you’ll do everything I tell you to.
Think about how sick and depraved it is to eat my $h!t. It’s going to come out of my asshole, nice and hot, right into your mouth. And you’re going to chew it up and swallow it for me. Then once you get your mouth cleaned up, you’re going to use that tongue of yours to clean my asshole. So get down on your knees so that I can lower my perfect asshole on your face. Lick it, warm it up for me. Tongue fuck my asshole and get ready to taste my $h!t. How humiliating, if people only knew… So disgusting! But you’ll do anything to please me, the more depraved the better. Open wide…

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