HumiliationPOV - Spit Freak

Added: 28-06-2019

I know you want to drink my spit, there’s nothing hotter than the spit from a hot bratty girl like me. I want you to lick it off of my fingers. You love my spit, I know you do. You can’t get enough of my spit. I’m going to fill up this water bottle with my spit so you can drink it all down. I know you love watching me spit, it’s so hot, isn’t it?
Watch me spit on my tits. You love looking at my young, perky tits that are covered in my spit. I know you want to lick it off. Your dick is probably so hard as you watch me rub the spit all over my tits. You’re so pathetic. Now look at all the spit in my bottle, that’s what you’re going to be drinking. Aren’t you so lucky?
You just can’t get enough of my spit, can you? Jerk your cock as you watch me spit over and over again because this is what freaks like you get off to. I love teasing you with all the spit glistening all over my young tight body. It looks so delicious, I know you want to lick it off of my body. But I’d never let a loser like you lick my perfect skin.
Now watch me spit on my pussy. Doesn’t that look hot? My wet pussy drives you wild. I’m going to spit over and over again, all over my body as you jerk your cock. It’s so fun teasing you. My pussy is getting so wet. Keep watching as I rub my spit over my tits and pussy. I know you wish I would spit directly on you, that would turn you on so much, to see how little I think of you.
Do you like how wet I look, covered in my own spit? I know you have a spit fetish, I know what freaks like you crave. I’m sure your dick is so hard by now. I know you’re jerking as you watch me play with myself, covered in my own spit. I love playing with you idiots. I’m sure by now you’re so desperate to taste my spit so I’m going to continue filling up my bottle, just for you. Your drink is almost ready, you better be ready loser. Drink it up idiot. God you’re so pathetic. You’re so lucky I take the time to fuck with you like this. Just look at all that spit on my wet pussy. I’ll bet you wish you could lick it off. Never loser! Ewww! You’re so gross. Now thank me for taking the time to spit on you.

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