HumiliationPOV - The Cure, Robotic Alpha Male Reprogramming

Added: 05-07-2019

Do you really want to be cured of your femdom addiction? Well then this is the clip for you. This intense mesmerize clip is filled with subliminal mind numbing visual effects and whisper tracks that will be candy to your ears. Prepare to have Goddess Valora erase your current self and be reborn as a real man. Or will she?
You are about to embark on a journey that will completely change your life. You are about to be mesmerized where your mind will be altered and your thoughts will be changed. You are about to be reprogrammed. You don’t like the current state that you are in, you wish for change. You wish to be something other than you are. You want to become an alpha male. You want to be masculine. You will no longer feel the need to submit to powerful women, you will no longer be a jerkoff junkie.
You want to fit in. You will be like every man that you know. You want to be strong. You want to have successful relationships with women. You want to be an alpha. You need my help in this search for self worth. You no longer want to be submissive. You are going to change your behavior. You will no longer feel the urge to be manipulated by powerful women. You will no longer be confined to your bedroom, constantly jerking off alone in the dark. You want more.
You want more responsibility. You want to take on new challenges, you want to be motivated to do better. You will fit into society. You will seek out normal relationships with women. You no longer want to be ruled by smarter alpha women. You want to be in control.
You are no longer allowed to have feelings. You are no longer allowed to be a human being. You are now a robotic alpha male. You will be a stereotype of what a man is supposed to be. You want to be a one dimensional person who’s fundamentally flawed. You want to be someone who will break down and ultimately seek healing. The new road that you choose will lead you back to this one. The person you wish to be is not a person at all. It’s an act, constructed by me, and placed in your brain. You will act as an alpha male but ultimately the feeling of surrender is what you will seek. You will always be a glutton for it. It will always be your burden. You can try to follow this path I have set you on, the path of the alpha male. But we both know that this is just a charade, and ultimately you will break.

File Name : 11___HumiliationPOVTheCureRobotmerize
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Duration: 00:08:18
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