Princess Miki - Bikini Obsessed Virgin

Added: 19-07-2019

You’re a virgin, aren’t you? Your face tells all. No, it’s not because you’re ugly, it’s the way you look at Me in this bikini: your eyes are practically salivating. This is a recurring problem for you, isn’t it?

This is the most skin you see of a woman in real life, because no one ever gets undressed for you, huh? When you go to a beach or a pool and you see a hot girl in a bikini, your virgin dick can’t help but stiffen up, isn’t that right?

Real men don’t have to worry about this, because they get to see and feel a woman’s completely naked body. They aren’t phased by just a girl in a bikini, they get to see much more than that. They know what a pussy feels like, smells like, tastes like. You haven’t even seen one in real life.

I’m going to torment you relentlessly with what you’ll never have, never touch, and remind you that your pathetic little virgin existence will never improve. If no one’s even pity-fucked you at this point, you’re doomed.

So keep getting boners in public when you see a girl in a bikini, My little virgin freak, and accept that this is your fate forever.

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