Princess Lucy - Hypnotic Addiction Brainwashing Pure Brain Candy

Added: 27-01-2016

This clip is an intense hyp n0 t!c experience. You will feel the power as my words literally echo in your ears, and the hyp n0 t!c spiral will lull your brain into a deep trance…. (This clip is best listened to with headphones.)

You’re a pathetic little junkie, an addict. Addicted to me and my clips. You love everything about me. You’re addicted to my face, my sexy body, and my bratty attitude. Stare at my hot little body as you listen to my words and fall deeper under my spell.

You watch my clips religiously. You check daily to see if I put up another. Pre-cum dripping before you even hit click. The mere anticipation of a new clip from me gets your cock rock hard.

You find that your mind drifts to thoughts of me throughout your day. You don’t even yet realize how addicted you are. Your cock twitches as you become uncomfortable and aroused at the same time. You need another fix. Another dose of your gorgeous Princess. You crave me more and more.

You can’t wait to hear my voice, to see my outfits, and hear the new ways in which I’m going to humiliate you and fuck with your mind. I’m more than just a drug, you’ve become so addicted to me that I’m your lifeblood. Drink in my words for they are an elixir to you.

You need me. You can’t live without me, and I will never leave your thoughts. The more you try to push me out, the stronger your urges for me will grow. I’ve gotten so deep into your head that I’ve changed the chemistry of your brain, and I’m doing it even now as you listen. I’ve fucked with the receptors in your mind and reprogrammed your brain. I’ll always be in your head, always. And you love it.

I love getting inside your head, fucking with you, using you. I love manipulating you to get what I want. It’s so easy to take advantage of an addict. Addicts will do anything for their next fix. You will put this clip on repeat and watch me over and over and over again as I continually brainwash you into a state of bliss. I make you feel pure ecstasy. No amount of rehab will ever cure you of your addiction to me.

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