EroticFemaleDomination - You Better Drop A Big Load On Chloe’s Stomach

Added: 28-01-2016

Don’t you just love my sexy mid-drift? When you look at me, do you instantly get a hard-on? All you have to do is look at my curves and my stomach. Oh, you pathetic, poor boy! Oh, you’re jerking your cock just thinking about my sexy tight tummy? Yeah, you are, huh? I know you’re jerking your fucking little cock, huh? Just thinking about how you wanna cum all over my stomach? Is that what you’re doing? Is that what you’re thinking? No. You’re not like most guys. Most guys think about tits. Most guys think about ass but you? You’re thinking about my tummy and how bad you wanna cum all over it. Come on loser boy, I want you to jerk your cock and I want you to cum right here in my belly button. I want you to cum so much that it drips from my belly button to my pussy. Come on, jerk that cock! Stroke, stroke, stroke! Oh, yes, stroke that cock! Oh, yeah! Cum for me! You know you wanna cum all over my tummy! Come on, cum for me! Keep on banging that cock! Come on, like this, yeah! You know how bad you wanna cum! You wanna bust all over my tummy. Is that what you wanna do? Come on, keep stroking it! Come on, stroke that cock for me! Oh, yeah! Now I want you to scream my name when you cum. Oh, Chloe! Yes, yes! I wanna hear it! Oh, yeah. Are you getting close yet? I’m sure you are ‘cuz you’re such a minute man, right? Everytime anything touches your penis you’re like, oh! Cumming all over the place. That’s why no one likes you, right? That’s why you have to jack off to my videos and think about my tummy? Is that because you’re so fucking pathetic and such a loser that you can’t get a real woman in front of you? You have to look at videos and just fantasize about sexy tummies. Because that’s what gets you off, right? I wonder how your tummy looks! Probably fat and fucking disgusting, right? Probably… That’s why you just fantasize about women’s tight perfect stomachs and that’s what gets you off, because you’re a fucking loser. Oh, God! No girl would ever wanna be with a guy that likes stomach! I mean, I think my ass is a little bit better but, I know how bad you like my tummy and how much you wanna cum all over it so, here’s your chance. I want you to bust your load all over! Can you do that for me? Are you gonna get your load in my belly button and let it drip down? Oh, yeah! Keep it stroking! Is that cock throbbing for me yet? Is it throbbing? You just wanna explode, don’t you? You wanna explode all over my stomach. You wanna get your cum all over my belly button ring? Is that what you want? Well, I think it’s time. Come on, stroke it! I wanna big fat load right here! Right here! Can you do that for me? Will you give me a huge load in my belly button? Come on, keep jerking it! Jerk it, come on! Oh, yeah! Keep stroking that, keep stroking. I want that cum! Give me that cum! Come on! Stroke it, stroke it! You’re gonna cum for me! Three… Oh, yeah! Keep stroking! Two… Oh, yeah! Alright, cum for me! Cum! Really? You call that a big load? Seriously? Wow! That was like, a drop! Oh wait, I know why. Because you masturbate to my videos all day long and you’re probably dried up by now. But, guess what? I don’t give a fuck! I want all your cum and then some! So you better keep jerking it! I told you I wanted a big fat load on my stomach! Not a teeny tiny drop of your semen! A big load! Like this big, dripping down. Do you see anything dripping on my tummy? No! That’s because you gave me like… Nothing! That’s more like pre-cum! Seriously? I thought you wanted this stomach. I thought you wanted this body! Come on, tell me you want it. Show me how much you want this. Give me a huge fucking load. Not that little drop like last time. I want the whole thing! Come on, fucking give it to me! Give it to me now! You know, I’ve been doing this video for entirely way too long. You know, most guys would have busted a huge load by now but, not you because you jerk off all day, a million times a day. You couldn’t do anything. You gave me a teeny tiny drop of your pre-cum and that fucking pisses me off! So, fuck you, I’m done!

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