HumiliationPOV - Brutal Reality Check For Lonely Losers

Added: 16-03-2020

You’re such a lonely loser. Do you know how I know? Because here you are again, all alone, jerking off to my videos. You spend so much time and money on all of my clips, that’s all you fucking do. And because of this we have such an intimate connection. When you look at me on your screen we lock eyes while you jerk off and you feel as if I’m talking directly to you. You feel as if I’m right there with you. But then, the video ends and you realize that you’re all alone. It’s just you in your room, now staring at a blank screen.
But you don’t care because you don’t have anyone else. Your life is consumed with my videos, so much so that you actually think we have a connection. You actually think that I know you because of how I crawl around inside your brain. And I know this about you because that’s exactly why I make these clips. I make them to fuck with you. I make them so you think we have a connection so you’ll come home every night to me and only me on your computer screen. And you are so addicted to me that you can’t even see past it. You think that I really make these videos just for you.
You can jerk off to me all you want but the truth is I will never be there. I only do this to manipulate you out of your money and take full advantage of you. You’re always going to be a lonely loser who stays at home staring at his computer screen thinking you have some connection with me. And I’m going to continue to feed your addiction because this is where I want you. All alone, sad and pathetic, jerking off night after night in your room.
I have you wrapped around my little finger. You’re so addicted to my videos that you come home every night and turn your computer on and jerk, just so you can feel that connection. It’s so easy to fuck with pathetic lonely losers like you. You get so lost in this world that you actually think it’s real. But it’s not and it never will be. Do you get that? I think you do but you don’t care because you’re so sad and alone that you’ll take whatever attention you can get, even if it’s just prerecorded videos. How sad is that?
You’re so hooked on me and it’s so pathetic. I just can’t help but take advantage of you. You’re just my little puppet. You have no life other than me. Jerking off to me is your sex life. You probably jerk off to my vanilla porn as well. You just need your fix, you’re such a fucking addict. And the most fucked up part of this is that now you truly know that I don’t give a fuck about you, and that I only make this videos to fuck with your life, but that won’t stop you, will it? No. You’ll still keep coming back because you’re that fucking stupid.
– Princess Alix Lynx –

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