Janira Wolfe - Your Secretarys Superior Body

Added: 30-03-2020

It’s been a long, stressful day at work. You’re sitting at your desk, dealing with the usual annoyances of being such an important person, when your secretary, Janira Wolfe, knocks and enters the room to deliver the files you’d asked her to print off for you. When you see her walk in your nearly lose your breath! Normally Ms. Wolfe is dressed in pantyhose and a sweater, but it’s particularly warm in the office today, so she must have chosen to go without, and, damn! You never noticed how incredibly toned her body was! Janira, always on her toes, notices your reaction as she enters the room and runs to get you water… but when she comes back and you see her bare, muscular arm holding that water glass, you lose it even more! At this point, you’ve totally given yourself away… you truly did hire Ms. Wolfe for her talent and intelligence after all. Janira is quite amused by your obvious arousal just from seeing her bare, toned arms and legs. She mocks you for being the stereotypical boss man that you are; married to a plastic wife with more plastic bimbos on the side. You’ve become so accustomed to the bodies you pay for, that you’re shocked by how strong of an effect your secretary’s hard body has over your. Before you know it, your dick is out and you’re agreeing to significantly increase your secretary’s salary just for a chance to jerk off to her entire hard body. Best decision you’ve ever made. You forget about all the stresses of work as you follow her instructions, jerking hard as she flexes her hard, oily, body; starting with her biceps, moving to her abs, her glutes, her legs, and ending with a countdown to cum showing off all of her toned body for you; the ultimate masturbation material.

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